Membership Benefits

Members of RCIC can invest in a single “wheel” and enjoy all the privileges of belonging to a circle of highly knowledgeable individuals.

Club membership offers a number of benefits and privileges in addition to asset appreciation:

  • Invest in rare off-market collectible cars
  • The ability to invest, swap/sell your stake in a classic car
  • Access to, acquisition and restoration of undervalued rare cars
  • Borrow against your classic car collection
    Sell part of, or an entire collection
    Access a network of high value car/asset buyers
    Shipping and importation of rare cars
    The sale of rare collector’s cars/facilitation of private treaty sales
  • Access high end car events and shows
  • Participate in RCIC-specific events and presentations, not open to non-members
  • Networking opportunities
  • Attend RCIC and third party rallies